Vicky Sjohall 2009

There are many ways to be born into a life of music. In Vicky’s case, music has been a solid part of her foundation since she was very young. Growing up in a house filled with music Vicky fell in love with ABBA, the Beatles, Patsy Cline and Elvis at a very young age, singing harmonies and performing for people at any given moment. Vicky’s passion eventually inspired her to write her own songs, form and manage a nationally acclaimed pop band, tour extensively playing music, and collaborate with artists and projects along the way. Driven? Yes. Intimidated? Yes.

“Doing music professionally was never the plan, but I love to sing. I went to University, got a degree, got a job, and I still felt incomplete. I started singing at open mics, and soon other artists asked me to sing harmony for them. Then I started writing, picked up a guitar, and soon enough I was performing my own songs. The market is packed with people like me so it’s a gamble, and mother culture keeps ticking so what do I really want to do? This road is intimidating on the best of days, but it’s my dream job, and there’s so much satisfaction when I remember how lucky I am to be doing my dream job. This is my gift and hopefully my inspiration to others.”

Vicky’s debut solo album, “Simple Pleasures” may listen like a book of 11 chapters. The songs are stories of life, love, and the insecurities that we face in the world today. Spending 2 years in Victoria following the break up of her band of 6 years, Vicky took time away from the industry and the business to focus on writing and defining herself as a solo artist. A rare honesty can be heard throughout, within the songs and the mood of the record. The intimacy of the writing and the warmth of her distinct voice are inviting and infectious.

The album was recorded at home with her fiancée Rohan Henson, in their 1 bedroom apartment, where the living room served as the studio. It started as an acoustic project to record all of the new songs she had written; originally a 20+ track album. Vicky started exploring the tools of the home studio and decided she wanted to create more layers for the songs. With years of live band and organic acoustic experience, this was a new approach, where she could put all of the melodies in her head into the songs.

“Some of the songs weren’t playing in my head with an acoustic guitar, so I started looking at other options to write the parts with. I really wanted to explore everything I could on my own because it was the first time that I could make my own decisions about absolutely everything. This freedom and having everything I needed at home really transformed my creativity and the direction of the record.”

For Vicky, creativity comes in many forms; performing, writing, touring, collaborating and recording, and this year has been busy. This fall, Vicky joined Melanie Dekker in the Scandinavian leg of her tour. In August, Vicky traveled to Pearl Harbor where she joined Melanie Dekker and Russel Peters aboard HMCS Winnipeg, performing for the Canadian Navy. Vicky and Melanie joined forces again in July, in Nashville, TN, for Jim Parker’s Songwriting Showcase alongside Ricky Ray and Diana DeGarmo. Locally on the West coast Vicky performs regularly, and she is the newest Solid Gold Sister of Soul in the highly acclaimed funk/soul band Billy Dixons Soul Train Express. Vicky continues to collaborate and has been a featured vocalist with many live shows, as well as recording vocals for an array of music projects and music genres, including pop-rock, country, hip hop and electronica.

With the album complete, there are new endeavors on the horizon, including the Simple Pleasures CD Release Party, a Christmas release, touring, videos, and so much more to come, so please stay tuned!