Lite Stripes

Meet the dynamic musical collaboration known as Lite Stripes, consisting of Vicky Sjohall and Amanda Hamilton on drums, and occasionally featuring Andrew Neufeld on bass. Amanda Hamilton, with a mutual love for the outdoors, horses, fine wine, and great music, crossed paths with Vicky following the breakup of her previous band. The instant joy and musical chemistry between Vicky and Amanda became the foundation of Lite Stripes. Amanda's drum and percussion expertise injects a dynamic layer into Lite Stripes' sound. Performing a diverse repertoire of originals and cover songs spanning from classic 70s hits to current pop tunes, the duo naturally sought to enhance their sonic palette with the addition of a bassist. Enter Andrew Neufeld, a longtime friend of Amanda, who eagerly accepted the opportunity to join the band.

When the weather permits, the trio gathers for rehearsals in Tsawwassen, utilizing Amanda's parents' garage as their creative space. Excitement is in the air as Lite Stripes looks forward to recording new music this year. For a taste of Vicky's solo work, you can find her music on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube – at least for now. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the musical journey of Lite Stripes.



There is a mood that permeates the sound of KaseoGems.  The music is intimate, emotive and dark, with a nostalgic comfort.  The road to recording was simple, as the collaboration began years ago in various random meetings in local establishments.  CoVid paved a fortunate path to creating recordings virtually during lock down - a beautiful lonely joy.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

February Food for all!

I am very passionate about supporting community and there is no better way than to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Please join me in raising awareness for people in need as in doing so you are helping thousands of people with every dollar